New Heatmap - Panau International Airport

You're not afraid of flying, are you?

Head over to the gamestats section to see another of our heatmaps created from the data YOU supply us.

This time we've decided not to look at the entire map of Panau, but instead focus on the Panau International Airport - and more specifically, the player deaths that take place there.

The heatmap reveals some interesting stuff. Namely, a whole bunch of you are seemingly crashing into the ocean at the end of each runway (trying out some awesome tether-based stunts no doubt), leaping off of the control tower and forgetting to pull your 'chute, and struggling to successfully fly a helicopter out of the hanger in the top left!

Now, these are Rico deaths caused by anything, so what you're in fact looking at is enemy kills, impacts, explosions, and more... Basically if it's harmful, it's on there - and there's a whopping 600,000+ points of data included.

You may want to take out some hefty travel insurance next time you're flying.