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Tuk Tuk Boom Boom out now for FREE!

All DLC available now, everywhere!

If there’s three things Panau is full of, it’s guns, explosions and Tuk Tuks. The first two everyone’s enjoyed, but the last – the lowly Tuk Tuk – has been more of a hindrance than a pleasure.

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Let’s face it, aside from tethering to the back of airplanes mid take-off to watch the passengers scream as they’re wrenched into the sky, Tuk Tuks are pretty much useless. With this is mind, and as a massive thank you to all the crazy stunts, videos and chaos created by the community over the past few months, we’ve had the boffins create something a little bit special to address the situation.

Introducing the Tuk Tuk Boom Boom.

A modified version of the regular Tuk Tuk with all new enhancements and features!

• Improved handling and top speed
• A jet-black agency paint job
• Open top roof (perfect for enjoying the scorching Panau sun)
• The biggest cannon you’ve ever seen

This bad boy takes the Tuk Tuk goes from zero to OMGWTFBBQ!!1! in a snap. Perfect for getaways, perfect for assaults on enemy territory and perfect for causing chaos registering off the chart.

Sound good? Well then how about the price... The Tuk Tuk Boom Boom will cost you nothing for the pleasure. It’s available now on Steam, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PSN Store for FREE!

But wait, there’s more!

While you’re there, why not pick up some of the DLC you’ve missed, as we’ve also added every bit* of our pre-order content online too - individually and reasonably priced. There’s never been a better time get in on some explosive Just Cause 2 action.

*except the Chaos parachute, that was a one off. Sorry.

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