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Let’s face it – backstabbing your friends once in a while in a good, solid online-shooter is always fun. Yeah, so you ‘accidentally’ dropped the grenade at the spawn point.
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Most of these situations result in gnashing of teeth and angry looks. But fret no more! With Fragile Alliance, this can now be fun for everyone involved! Fragile Alliance is all about greed, betrayal and revenge. Basic rules are simple – you perform a heist with seven other people. You go in, steal some well-protected cash and get out in less than four minutes.

If you get away with the most money after three heists, you win. Everyone shares in the loot but if you’re crafty and feel like not sharing that’s an option too. All you have to do it blow away your heist buddies, turn traitor, grab the money and make a run for it. Thus, natural greed combined with the willingness to betray your friends is the road to success in Fragile Alliance – if you can get away with the money, of course. In FA, revenge is truly sweet and any player killed by a traitor respawns as a cop and gets a bonus for taking out the guy that killed him. With the second installment of Fragile Alliance in Dog Days, a lot of changes have been made to streamline the experience and make treason, revenge and greed and more fun. We’ve added all the campaign features to the experience so we now have ‘down not dead’, human shields (yes, you can take another player as human shield, which will start a mini game) and explosive canisters to play around with and use as traps or grenades. We also improved on the betrayal aspect by working a lot with the balance in the player vs. player situations, so it’s going to take some effort to become a traitor and a lot more effort to get away with your 30 silver coins once you’ve betrayed the group. We also changed the reward systems dramatically to balance the game modes and to reward players that do all the hard work in the heists along with a lot of minor tweaks that are sure to get everyone excited.

So, Fragile Alliance is still all about betraying your friends, getting the money and getting the hell out in less than four minutes. It’s top fun for the whole family, one of the most original multiplayer game modes out there, and it’s coming to you at the end of August.

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The multiplayer is awesome!

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Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics is an award-winning video game development studio located in the heart of San Francisco’s Bay Area. Founded in 1992, Crystal Dynamics has grown into a world class studio by developing key franchises including Legacy of Kain and Tomb Raider as well as numerous other titles.


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